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Yellow Boat Ride Package
Whether you have a need for speed, a genuine love for the region’s water wonders or simply an occasion that needs to be celebrated, The Yellow Boats deliver in style. 
We’re talking top-of-the-line craft with the ability to slice through the waters at high speed in virtually any weather in total safety. The Yellow Boats are geared towards satisfying both corporate excursions as well as family and social engagements where the onus is on having fun
Tour Package

Tour Package No 1:-

Pickup: Dubai Marina Walk – Opposite Spinneys - Dubai.

This tour shows you everything! Start your trip around the stunning vista of Dubai Marina and then into open water where you will cruise around the amazing Palm Jumeirah, home to the Atlantis Hotel, where you will pause for the perfect photo opportunity. 
From there it’s on to the world famous Burj Al Arab 7 Star hotel, a true Dubai icon. Our tour then heads back along the coast with the spectacles of the Royal Palaces, Palm Lagoon and on to the Marina. There is plenty to see on this trip, so get your cameras ready!

Tour Package No 2:-

Pick up :- Dubai Marina Walk – Opposite Spinneys – Dubai

A spectacular tour that takes you to the most exclusive waterfront developments in the region – The Palm Jumeirah – with attractions such as the unique residential areas, the Atlantis Hotel and more - experienced by sea. Continue onwards to the world famous Burj Al Arab 7 Star hotel. On the return view the Royal Palaces and Lagoon of the Palm Jumeirah before coming back into the marina
Important Notes:-
  • Clothes: Bring athletic and comfortable clothes. Wear sneakers/sport shoes, no Sandals or Boots, no shoes with heals
  • Beach wears with life jacket
  • Time:-Plan to spend at least 3 hours for your experience
  • Weather: if the conditions are not perfect, your experience may take a little longer
  • Maximum Passengers : 11 People
  • Crew :- 2
  • Maximum Speed :- 40 knots
  • Equipped With Life Jackets & Navigation System
  • Children Under 5 years Old (15kg) Cannot be carried for Safety Reasons

This tour doesn't include transfers, the best and cheapest way to reach is through public transportation, i.e (Taxis, Metro etc.) or you can book private transfers from our website in transportation section
  1. Pregnant women and very elderly people are also not recommended. 
  2. Short Tours/Excursions/products (with tour duration of one day or less) and not including overnight accommodation:( cancellation calculating before the services begin)
  3. Cancellation more than 7 calendar days No cancellation fee.
    Cancellation between 6 and 4 calendar days 50% cancellation fee
    Cancellation within 3 calendar days 100% cancellation fee (no refund).
    Cancellation the day of the services or after 100% cancellation fee (no refund).
  4. Pick up from other emirates are available at an extra charge.
  5. Transfer depends on availability of vehicle & pickup/drop off timing can be modified as per the scheduled time.
  6. Bookings can be made online through our website or you can contact our tour consultants on the above number. Online Payment options are also available by making direct payments with your Visa / Master Cards.
  7. Confirmation must be obtained from our tour consultant before starting the tour by clearing all the payments in advance. 
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